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Tender Evaluation Assistance

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Organisations throughout Australia spend billions of dollars on contractors and service providers every year.

But do you know that creating the right expectations from the start can lead to great opportunities for organisations to save money and improve the performance of your contracts?


In BRS we have proven that designing the right tender documents and commercial conditions of contracts from the start can result in great opportunities for organisations to get value for money and develop a good relationship with the Contractor.

To get commercial alignment with the preferred tenderer before the project begins to be delivered, requires the right commercial conditions to be designed and included in your tender documents right from the start. We all know how difficult it is to have a commercial negotiation with a preferred tenderer after the tender has closed if you were not clear about expectations upfront!

Some of the tender evaluation services we provide include:

  • Delivery and Procurement Models – Assist to select the right commercial delivery and procurement model for the design and management of projects, based on the key drivers for the project and managing the key risks.
  • Tenders and Expressions of Interest – Provide commercial advice in working through how to structure tenders to minimise expenditure and obtain maximum value.
  • Tender Evaluation – Participate in the evaluation panel of your infrastructure projects to assist in identifying the right provider and project partner based on your criteria, understanding of key risks and commercial implications associated with potential bids.
  • Tender Analysis – Assist with the review of tender submissions against weighted average evaluation criteria to ensure you are ‘comparing apples with apples’ and incorporating all elements of tender responses.
  • Selection of Procurement Models – Develop up a multi-criteria analysis (MCA) approach to the selection of your procurement model to drive value for money outcomes for the community.
  • Tender Evaluation Team Training – Undertake training and coaching with your Tender Evaluation team to improve their effectiveness and ensure they evaluate their tender effectively.
  • Commercial Alignment and Negotation – Assist your team by facilitating the commercial and alignment of your tender with your tenderers to ensure we obtain value for money outcomes over the duration of the project or contract.

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