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Contract Reviews

When was the last time you ran a microscope over your contract spend?

Studies have shown that organisations are regularly charged for out of contract expenses by service providers that they were not obligated to pay under their contracts.

BRS has seen practical examples in the degree of millions of dollars where this has occurred.  The challenge organisations often face is finding the time to commercially review contract expenditure due to moving on to the next project or not having the right skills to undertake the reviews.

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BRS can provide independent commercial reviews of contract expenditure with the aim of identifying over billings, cost savings and lessons learnt. This involves our experienced team reviewing contracts and billings to identify cost savings through applying our intimate knowledge of the tips and techniques used by consultants and other service providers.

Our Commercial and Procurement Team has extensive contract project and operations experience and can assist in identifying significant savings for your organisation.

Benefits of a contract review include:

  • $$$ – Recover savings due to overbillings via credit note or refunds.
  • Alignment – Improving alignment between contractor and client reducing future billing errors and disputes.
  • Accountability – Keeps service providers honest knowing there will be independent audit of financials. Deters and detects careless or fraudulent mistakes.
  • Objective – Provides an objective perspective for both parties in knowing an external organisation will be reviewing the billings.
  • Assurance – Provides comfort that client has not overpaid. Education in ensuring lessons learnt are applied to future projects and other parts of your organisation.

Our strength is mixing thought leadership and conceptual knowledge with practical experience and results orientation. The savings and the lessons that can come from these reviews are significant.

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