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Commercial Alignment Assistance

BRS has developed commercial negotiation plans and undertaken commercial alignment on tenders that drive significant value for money outcomes

The commercial alignment services build your peoples’ commercial capabilities and confidence so that they can deliver value for money outcomes for their organisation and communities.

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Our approach enables participants to become sought after commercially astute leaders and team members due to their ability to maximise the profitability of organisations, projects and successfully manage relationships with clients. We understand that organisations, business units and individuals have varied capability and confidence when it comes to commercial negotiation and acumen, which is why we offer commercial negotiation and alignment assistance to our clients.

We work with individuals and Tender Evaluation Teams to work through how they prepare for commercial alignment sessions with tenderers as part of the evaluation process for major projects.  Some of the commercial alignment and negotiation services we provide include:

  • Working through what commercial alignment and negotiation is and isn’t and why it is so important to the success of a contract;
  • Developing the commercial negotiation strategy and negotiation plan as part of large tender evaluations and also renegotiation of large contracts;
  • Understanding different behavioural styles and how they play out in a commercial alignment and negotiation and how to use this information to prepare for the commercial negotiations;
  • Understanding the importance of preparation for a commercial alignment and working as ‘one team’ including preparing your team to play to your strengths;
  • Working through the different commercial models such as operations and maintenance (O&M), design and construct (D&C), professional services, alliancing and how you would negotiate different contract forms to drive win/win outcomes;
  • Understanding further the risk allocation process, who is best placed to manage key contract and project risks  and how to align with service providers;
  • Understanding incentive frameworks and how to align on these at the commencement of the contract; and
  • Understanding variation benchmarking and how this can be applied at the commercial negotiation to reduce downstream disputes on claims and variations.

Our Approach

Our approach aims to link commercial negotiation and acumen to business outcomes and project objectives and have open, constructive conversations with tenderers and your supply chain that drive value for money win/win outcomes for all parties.

Our Programs

Our commercial alignment services are facilitated by BRS Consultants who draw on their commercial and consulting experience, which has been built through roles within major infrastructure and engineering consultancies and the traditional clients and partners of these organisations, including mining companies, contractors and government.

Our Team

Our team use these experiences to provide commercial insights that deliver value for money outcomes for their organisation as well as building the commercial capability of your people.

BRS can also assist in areas which include:

  • Commercial Negotiation Plans – Develop a commercial negotiation plan that will establish which are the minimum requirements necessary to achieve the commercial acceptability in relation to your commercial requirements and obligations. This commercial negotiation plan will discuss the commercial outcomes that you expect to achieve through the negotiations with preferred tenderers.
  • Commercial Alignment Training – Undertake training for your tender evaluation teams on how to design commercial alignment frameworks in your tenders and return schedules to drive value for money outcomes.
  • Commercial Alignment Sessions – Form part of your Commercial Evaluation Team to negotiate the best commercial outcome between the Contractor, service providers and Contract Owners.
  • Commercial Alignment – Our team can lead commercial negotiation teams to deliver cost savings and develop commercial and contract management practices that minimise variations and ensure value for money outcomes are delivered over the whole of life duration of your project.

Learn how we can help you deliver value for money outcomes and cost savings through commercial alignment and negotiation practices


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