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Commercial Acumen Training for Owners

In the past your people have developed commercial acumen through on the job experience.

In today’s business environment the luxury of allowing your people to learn this critical skill by experience is no longer a viable option given the different commercial models and practices that are utilised by consultants and constructors.

Organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand spend billions of dollars on contractors and service providers every year. This presents significant commercial opportunities to save money and improve the performance of your contracts by training your staff who design, negotiate, manage, deliver and administer your contracts and projects on good commercial practices that drive value for money from service providers.

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Building of Commercial Capability in your Organisation

To build commercial skills in your organisation, it needs to start with mapping out the capability, skills and behaviours you need in your people and team to be a mature and intelligent infrastructure delivery agency or supply chain partner.  Our commercial acumen and capability courses are built upon the work undertaken by UK Institute of Civil Engineers P13 model which works through the requirements to be a mature and intelligent infrastructure delivery agency or supplier (  Commercial acumen and capability building starts with what skills and behaviours you wish to develop in your people which can be achieved through the development of a commercial capability framework tailored for your organisation.

A commercial capability framework is a tool to define, assess and measure commercial skills and competencies of staff in your infrastructure delivery agency.  It provides guidance on the desired commercial behaviours, skills and expertise required at different levels of organisations to deliver successful project outcomes.  It also provides a framework to measure commercial skills in a consistent and transparent manner to build the capability and capacity of your people and organisations.  A commercial capability framework contains key elements that underpin commercial skills which include:

  • Relationships with stakeholders and the supply chain;
  • Financial and commercial management;
  • Project risks and opportunities;
  • Procurement models and strategies;
  • Contracts and commercial alignment; and
  • Budgets and variations.

There are different levels of commercial capability described in a commercial framework that set the levels required for different roles and needs of each organisation.  In addition to the elements above, the commercial capability framework also identifies the commercial behaviours consistent with each level of commercial capability.  The behaviours combined with the skills required are both important in ensuring there is a balance between people and task in the successful delivery of project outcomes.

The commercial capability framework needs to be tailored for each infrastructure delivery agencies unique circumstances, organisation and projects.  It then will help to:

  • Shape position and role descriptions in recruitment;
  • Assist in the development of personal development plans in identifying commercial capability gaps and what training and support we can provide to staff;
  • Identify gaps in commercial capability in teams and how we build internal and external capability to address them;
  • Identify what commercial capability training is needed across the workforce and also for key individuals; and
  • Assist with long term work force planning to meet the infrastructure pipeline of projects across organisations and industries to ensure we have the commercial capability and capacity to successfully deliver.

From here, BRS are able to roll out a commercial capability and acumen training programme that is tailored for your needs in the short, medium and long term.

BRS have developed in house custom designed training programs to support, grow and develop the commercial acumen of project owners and staff on your service, infrastructure and operational contracts.

Your people will leave the training with an in-depth understanding of how to apply commercial acumen principles to generate better value for money outcomes from your procurement and contracting activities and improve relationships with your service providers and contractors.

BRS are able to deliver the training virtually or face to face, depending on the location of the attendees and your organisation’s requirements. To enhance the learning and development of your people we will also provide your attendees with access to our Learning Management System that can be tailored for your organisation

Our Training Includes:

  • Contracting as a relationship;
  • Getting better contract and supply outcomes through strategic thinking;
  • How to effectively evaluate qualifiers and assumptions to ensure value for money outcomes;
  • Understanding the business models of your service providers and contractors;
  • Procurement planning and designing the right commercial conditions of contract;
  • Balancing risk and reward and de-risking a project; and
  • Contracting as a relationship.

Invest in your success – commercial acumen training, it just makes dollars and sense.

Training Program Examples:

The types of training programs that we can undertake for your organisation include the following:

  • Foundation Commercial Acumen training program;
  • Intermediate and Advanced Commercial Acumen training programs;
  • Operations and Maintenance Commercial Acumen training program;
  • Graduate Commercial Acumen training program;
  • Alliance 101 training;
  • Owner Interface Manager (OIM) 101 training;
  • Project Advisory Board (PAB) training;
  • Alliance Management Team (AMT) training;
  • Tender Evaluation Team training;
  • How to chair a Tender Evaluation training;
  • Positive Guidance and Interactive training; and
  • Tender Writing Techniques training.

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We can tailor training to suit your organisation depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Learn more about how to develop your staff and organisation’s commercial acumen capability

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