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Commercial Acumen Training for Consultants

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In the past your people have developed commercial acumen through on the job experience.

In today’s business environment the luxury of allowing your people to learn this critical skill by experience is no longer a viable option given the different commercial models and practices that are utilised by project owners.

If the technical consultants and project managers who are designing, negotiating, managing, delivering and administering commercial proposals, contracts and projects for your organisation don’t have a solid understanding of the commercial practices that drive performance for your projects and your organisation, it could be costing more than you think!

BRS have developed in house custom designed training programs to support, grow and develop the commercial acumen of consulting organisations in the engineering, infrastructure and built environments industries.

Your people will leave the training with an in-depth understanding of how to apply commercial acumen principles to maximise the profitability of your projects and organisation, minimise risk exposure and improve their relationships with your clients.

Training Includes:

  • The importance of good commercial practives
  • Managing projects for strong commercial outcomes
  • How to effictivley use qualifiers and assumptions in proposals
  • Using pricing models to maximise project profitability
  • Using other commercial models to achieve sustainable profit margins
  • Balancing risk and reward and re-risking a project

Invest in your success – commercial acumen training, it just makes dollars and sense.

Learn more about how to develop your staff and organisation’s commercial acumen capability

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