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Commercial Acumen Training for Constructors

In the past your people have developed commercial acumen through on the job experience.

In today’s business environment the luxury of allowing your people to learn this critical skill by experience is no longer a viable option.

Given the different commercial models and practices that are utilised by project owners and the pace of change in business models and commercial practices.

If the people who are designing, negotiating, managing, delivering and administering commercial proposals, contracts and projects for your organisation don’t have a solid understanding of the commercial practices that drive performance, it could be costing more than you think!

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Minimise Risk, Increase Commercial Acumen and Maximise Profitability

We provide in-house commercial solutions in the form of custom designed training programs, commercial pricing strategies and workbooks to support organisations that employ project managers, technical staff and consultants. Training packages include a range of valuable case studies, templates and tools developed for your organisation.

BRS are able to deliver the training virtually or face to face, depending on the location of the attendees and your organisation’s requirements. To enhance the learning and development of your people we will also provide your attendees with access to our Learning Management System that can be tailored for your organisation.

Training Includes:

  • Pricing – Establish and understand various commercial pricing mechanisms and techniques.
  • Scope – Understand how to correctly scope projects and manage contract variations.
  • Proposal Review – Understand how to peer review a proposal and what to look for.
  • Conditions of Contract and RFT – Learn to design the right commercial conditions from the start based on the unique needs of every project.
  • Procurement Models – Understand the different large project procurement methods and clarifying circumstances for use of each model.
  • Alignment – Establishing techniques to align contract performance with client and sub-contractor expectations.
  • Strategic Contracting – Learn the advantages of consolidating contracts where possible, matching the risk with the value of the services or sharing opportunities with other organisations to save cost, time and effort.
  • Contract Valuation and Forecasting – Learn how to effectively review expenditure to date and cost to complete.
  • Contract Administration – Develop and identify qualifiers and assumptions which result in better management of expectations of clients from the start of the project.
  • Contract Compliance – Reduce inefficiencies and costs through effective contract structuring.
  • Conflict and Contract Disputes – Understand what drives conflict and minimise unnecessary disputes through robust proposal commercial management practices.

Learn more about how to develop your staff and organisation’s commercial acumen capability

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