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Joint Venture Facilitation & Coaching

One of the most critical success factors to winning and delivering work successfully is the selection of the right partners to deliver your infrastructure projects.

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Partners are partners right? They all have the same capability, skills and expertise don’t they?


They are very different not so much in the What but the Why and the How.

Selecting the wrong partners that misalign with your why and how will lead to pain and heartache at some stage of the bid or project. Misalignment on the commercials, or not being open and honest with each other or worse can potentially damage your reputation with the client or other stakeholders due to non-delivery or conflict.

Selecting the right partners is all about understanding and alignment on expectations.

Some of the key questions and areas BRS can help you explore to ensure you choose the right partner to design and deliver a winning bid and project include:

  • What are their expectations of you working together?
  • What is important to them not only for the bid but also the project?
  • How do they like to communicate? How often? Where and when?
  • What do they commit to? What resources, capability, expertise?
  • What outcomes are they looking to achieve?
  • How will we deal with challenges and areas of conflict?


  • Who are the key leaders that will drive the successful outcomes you are looking to achieve together?
  • Can they work as one team? Is a best for project approach to resolve challenges something they can commit to?
  • Where have they demonstrated one team behaviours and working collaboratively with clients and other partners on other projects?

BRS can facilitate workshops with your joint venture and consortium partners that explore and ensure alignment on key areas of your bid submission and project. We also can assist in the documentation of key governance documents and commercial frameworks that will drive the right behaviours of all parties.

Find out how to successfully partner and collaborate with others to deliver better bid and project outcomes

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