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Bid Submission Support

BRS has extensive experience providing facilitation and coaching services on infrastructure projects.

BRS can assist clients during their tender submission process by leveraging our experience in the infrastructure sector with our extensive experience in strategic bid assistance and collaborative contracting.

Our people have worked in management levels in infrastructure organisations and have a practical understanding of the issues and challenges, but also the benefits, in undertaking a collaborative, high performing team approach. We provide an independent perspective to facilitate key personnel to discuss and obtain alignment on the project requirements, approach, key result areas, and key performance indicators.

Some of the workshops that could be run to ensure alignment of your team and in preparation for the bid submission include:

  • Winning Bid Strategy Workshops: Focus on what needs to be included in a successful bid submission, SWOT analysis and actions to ensure we best position your team to win the bid.
  • Partnering Agreements and How to Partner Effectively: Focus on communication with the client and addressing key issues such as confirming expectations, what is important and how we debrief with key stakeholders.
  • High Performance Workshops: Focus on how to create and sustain a high performing culture within the project team across the life of the bid and project.
  • Client Alignment Workshops: Focus on gathering the necessary information and strategies to ensure we leverage the knowledge of all participants involved in the bid submission.
  • Project Planning Sessions: Focus on the key requirements as well as key contract stages throughout the bid submission.
  • Strategic Review of Tender Submissions: Ensure questions are properly addressed and key client objectives are covered.
  • Bid Coaching Services: Ensure your team are well prepared for client interviews and workshops.

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