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Wellbeing & Safety: Shifting from Compliance to High Performance

Australia has come a long way with its commitment to safety.  We have seen significant improvements through improved systems, processes and line management accountability. This has resulted in a reduced injury frequency and fatality rate over the past 25 years.  However, the rate of improvement is starting to plateau and many organisations continue to see safety as a risk management and compliance exercise.

Within this session, David Hansen and Heath Colebatch will present the argument that an organisation will never be high performing unless it’s leaders show a strong and genuine commitment to safety and wellbeing, and will talk through their thoughts around the future of Wellbeing & Safety and how it can be integrated within a high performing environment.

David and Heath’s presentation will include:

  • A link between staff security needs and wellbeing;
  • Self-orientation of leaders and the impact it has on trust within a team;
  • How trust and security allows teams to be high performing;
  • What leaders can focus on in terms of their own leadership style and self-orientation; and
  • How organisations can drive high performance through the use of their systems, processes and structures.

If you are a leader within your organisation who would like to learn a few tips on how to incorporate Safety & Wellbeing into your working environment, then this breakfast is for you!

Wellbeing & Safety: Shifting from Compliance to High Performance
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