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Tim Manning

Associate | Auckland, New Zealand

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership, Operations & Commercial Management
  • Business Strategy Planning & Development
  • Team Development & Integration
  • Policy, Strategy & Procurement Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Contract Engineer within Construction and Infrastructure Sector

"The most satisfying moments in life are often the ones we have to work the hardest for. Creating high performing teams can seem daunting in the beginning. However, when we have a clear direction, leadership and a common motivating purpose it’s exciting what we can achieve. I enjoy helping provide clarity and supporting others connect the dots, and I am passionate about helping make a potentially scary journey enjoyable and rewarding."

Tim is an accomplished leader with extensive knowledge and experience within the construction and infrastructure sector.  Tim’s experience encompasses business strategy planning, development and implementation. He is passionate about working with projects and teams to remove dysfunction, align on approach and behaviours to ensure a positive impact on the infrastructure industry.

Tim is a value driven leader that creates, develops and inspires teams by adopting a positive approach that fosters an environment for success.  His focus in on the development of strong teams and transforming underperforming organisations and business units to new business directions and strategies that result in a sustainable model of operation. Tim is an effective communicator and has a proven ability to establish strong relationships with clients, industry partners and stakeholders.

Tim is a Chartered Professional Engineer and has carried out Leadership and General Management roles across multiple disciplines in New Zealand and Britain. He has successfully introduced Lean Manufacturing and construction principles to projects and supply chains. Tim’s experience of leadership, governance and directorship of large construction and maintenance projects makes him critically aware of his client’s key drivers. He has a track record of leading teams to work collaboratively and efficiently on all projects no matter how big or small.

The recognition that you’re only as strong as your weakest link has helped Tim create environments where staff are developed, looked after and are consistently held accountable to the values and standards of the business.

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