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Peter Khoury

Associate | Adelaide, Australia

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive & Strategic Leadership
  • Organisational & Strategic Reviews
  • Performance Management
  • Bid Coaching & Bid Strategy Development
  • Commercial Acumen & Commercial Negotiation
  • Commercial & Financial Management
  • Project & Change Management

“I am passionate about helping organisations achieve high performance, by bringing about positive change through effectively engaging and developing relationships at all levels. As a leader I am also passionate about developing people, creating an environment where teams thrive and helping individuals realise their true potential.”

Peter has over 30 years of expertise in strategic, corporate, commercial, financial and project management. With a passion for growing and improving organisations and projects through innovation and effective engagement, his experience spans a variety of industries including infrastructure, government, energy and utilities and professional services.

Peter possesses significant commercial experience and has undertaken financial viability assessments and provided strategic business and financial management advice across government departments, corporates and SMEs.  He has a passion for creating positive change and delivering challenging projects.  His authenticity and humility allow him to motivate and inspire people across all levels of organisations.  Peter focuses on the cultivation of high performance of organisations by encouraging and inspiring teams and individuals to work cohesively and effectively resulting in constructive and lasting change.

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