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Kevin Whelan

Associate | Adelaide, Australia

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy & Business Planning
  • Change Management
  • Alliance Coaching
  • Commercial Advisory & Contract Negotiations
  • Business Development
  • Stakeholder Relations & Customer Management
  • Risk Management
  • Leadership Development

“I have really enjoyed working with a very diverse range of people both in age and in background throughout my work journey. These experiences have really reinforced my view that you often find that the best leaders in any organisation are the one’s that don’t rely on or don’t have manager in their job title. I really enjoy working within organisations to bring out the best in individuals and teams, stretching capability and striving for excellence.”

Kevin is a highly driven and ambitious individual specialising in delivering profitability and efficiency through strategic business development and improvement. He is passionate about exceptional customer service and builds strong rapport with internal and external stakeholders to maximise effectiveness and deliver continuous improvement. Having held senior management positions with various organisations he is commercially astute and known for his ability to develop and implement systems across all levels of an organisation.

Kevin applies his exceptional analytical skills combined with a keen understanding of business policies, practices and financial principals to solve challenging problems and implement solutions utilising the Six Sigma methodology.  He has a demonstrated ability to provide leadership and foster collaborative teams to enhance organisational and cultural change. Kevin’s positive attitude and effective communication skills assist in creating a supportive environment that drives results and successful team outcomes.

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