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Kasia Rosa

Associate | Adelaide, Australia

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategy & Business Planning
  • Commercial Advisory & Services
  • Systems Implementation, Integration & Automation

"Being highly passionate about businesses’ impact on local communities, I am naturally drawn to companies with strong social purpose and dedicated my career to helping such organisations innovate, deliver and grow. Implementing long-lasting change, however, requires a lot more than an individual effort to succeed and in any project, priority should be given to creating and fostering constructive and high-performing culture."

Known for her ability to connect and engage with executives and stakeholders, Kasia is a passionate and results driven individual.   She drives performance and solutions within teams and organisations through the implementation of systems and processes to improve collaborative work practices.  Kasia has had significant experience working with Executive Teams to implement organisation wide strategic priority projects.

Kasia specialises in financial management and has a strong financial and accounting advisory background.  She has led digital transformation in one of South Australia’s iconic not-for-profit organisations and has a keen interest in using cross-organisational collaboration to drive innovation.  Her exceptional problem solving abilities and sound analytical skills contribute to her extraordinary ability in project management and business improvement.

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