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Anita Payne

Associate | Melbourne, Australia

Areas of Expertise

  • Bid Coaching & Win Strategies
  • Alignment of Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Developing High Performance Cultures
  • High Performance Team Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Skills Strategies, Skills Training & Coaching
  • Presenting, Consulting & Negotiating

"I love watching participants in a process grow and develop in a way that they didn’t think possible! whether it be through developing new leadership and/or communications skills, or working with others in a way they didn’t think possible, or embracing a challenging project - I love opening the doors and helping others step through it into their brilliance!"

Improving organisational effectiveness from Boards to Boots, for and with government organisations, consulting and contractor organisations, is Anita’s forte.  She has an uncanny ability to cut through complex issues, to uncover the solutions critical to business success.  Anita works with leaders to develop strategies to secure profitable work through smart bid strategy and bidding tactics, and develops the leadership and professionalism of the teams that lead the delivery of major procurement and projects.

Anita possesses a relaxed ability to coach and train technically oriented people to develop their skills, helps them engage with and nurture relationships with clients and industry partners; to develop business leaders that inspire their teams; to develop innovative teams and constructive cultures that improve organisational and team performance.  She has a passion for aligning and developing multi-disciplinary and High performing teams in high pressure and high stress change environments.

Anita is highly skilled in the areas of bid coaching and strategy, procurement strategy development, facilitation and advice, leadership development and coaching, communications strategy development, capability enhancement through training facilitation and advice, and business improvement reviews.

Whilst the last 20 years have seen Anita work predominantly in major construction and infrastructure sectors (transport, water, power, defence), she has worked extensively across a range of highly specialised technical sectors including mining, major asset maintenance & management, legal & financial services, IT&T & IT outsourcing.

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