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Newsletter March 2018

Making money and selling value is not a bad thing in business

I have had the pleasure of undertaking commercial acumen training for consultants and service providers over the last couple of months.  A key insight from this training that has struck me is people’s reluctance to discuss money and also price their value offerings based on value rather than the time it took to undertake the work.  That is, they are still in the mindset of selling their time rather than the value that they are creating for their clients.  Further, they are reluctant to charge the value of the work due to their own perception that they may be “ripping” off their clients.

This is a mindset that is damaging for service providers.  Service providers must be sustainable and this occurs through obtaining value for what they do.

They save six weeks on the programme for an infrastructure project due to a design innovation or save $2 million in costs due to removing a critical path activity.  These are genuine value drivers for their clients which they should be paid the appropriate value for.

It might be worth reflecting on whether your organisation looks to be compensated for value versus time or some other input like cost.  This mindset shift around being commercially astute, seeking value and additional income from what you provide needs to be in every individual that you work with.  Ensuring there is some entrepreneurial spirit in your organisation and team is critical to ensuring you are sustainable commercially and that you are always looking to drive and deliver value to your clients.

Don't miss out on your 20% discount on our Game Changers in Infrastructure Program

Our Game Changers Program commences in June 2018, so if you would like to be part of this please ensure you register soon as places are limited!

The Game Changers in Infrastructure Program is specifically designed for leaders in infrastructure across Australasia who want to collaborate and lead change in our industry. We believe this program will transform our industry by building the capability and capacity of our leaders across our projects, organisations and client businesses to deliver better infrastructure outcomes and meet the challenges our industry faces over the next five years.

Here are the key things you need to know about the Game Changers in Infrastructure Program:

  • You will be surrounded by a community of collaborative and growth mindset oriented infrastructure leaders who want to progress their careers, bids and projects
  • It is all about you and your growth. You decide on your most important goals and on your game plan. We will introduce you to game changing leadership concepts, principles, frameworks and an environment that will assist you both personally and professionally
  • This program will provide you with the opportunity for you to lead change in our industry, across projects and within your organisation, by building your capability to deliver outstanding outcomes for your clients
  • We are committed to seeing you progress your career to the next level, as well as winning more work and delivering high performance projects for your clients

What does the Game Changers in Infrastructure program involve?

  • Your four quarterly two day workshops with your coach (Kym Williams) and a community of like-minded peers will be given a rare opportunity to get outside the day-to-day of your business
  • You will go through a 360-degree leadership effectiveness assessment on where you are at as a leader and where you want to be
  • We will assist you in developing an personal action plan that will be reviewed quarterly to ensure you deliver on these actions
  • Between the workshops you will have access to a dedicated Program Advisor, an expert at helping infrastructure leaders implement the tools and concepts of the Program in their lives, organisations and projects
  • Each month you will be provided with the opportunity to listen in on our Game Changers in Infrastructure calls to help you and your team remain clear, focused and confident throughout the year

If you would like to learn more about our Game Changers in Infrastructure Program, or download an information pack you can do so using the following link:

Game Changers in Infrastructure

Remember… If you join as a foundation member before 31 March 2018 you will receive a 20% discount on the first 12 months!

Commercial Acumen Training

In conjunction with the Office of the Industry Advocate in Adelaide, BRS will be running another Commercial Acumen Training: Building better Business Cases and Driving Value for Money with Suppliers.

The workshop will be facilitated by Heath Colebatch, who has extensive experience in this space and it is specifically tailored for Executives and Senior Staff (ASO7 or above) to maximise the value of projects by:

  • Understanding the power of Business Cases and the importance of evidenced based approach to decision making;
  • Better understanding of Governance around capital projects or business improvement initiatives;
  • Increasing leadership depth and broadening capability of our leaders;
  • Increasing our understanding around commercial decision making;
  • Realising the importance of developing strong business relationships;
  • Increasing value for money for taxpayers and agencies;
  • Ensuring commercial decisions are aligned to strategy and promote achievement of project objectives;
  • Understanding the cost drivers and profit drivers of service providers;
  • Balancing risk and reward and risk allocation in commercial relationships; and
  • Learning tips and tricks to maximise project and contract performance.

Department of State Development – Commercial Acumen -Social Media Ad 4,5Apr18.jpg

If you are looking to understand the key principles in developing a business case, or want to be able to learn how to influence decision making and obtain better value for money from your service providers then this workshop is a must!

For more information and to register, please go to:

Register Now

For more information on BRS Commercial Acumen Services that can be tailored for your organisation or project, please click here

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