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WHS Leadership

Do you have a workplace safety culture?

Workplace Health & Safety commitment starts at the top and should be integrated into any organisations leadership program and other key activities to ensure the right safety performance is achieved

BRS has the ability to undertake a review of your ‘workplace safety culture’ and develop and implement a customised WHS leadership program that can assist your organisation from executive level through to the team on the ground.

BRS can undertake a simple and effective review of your WHS Leadership Programmes through the following:

  • Reviewing your WHS Strategic Plan
  • Undertaking WHS employee surveys
  • Developing a specific WHS Leadership Program that suits the size and needs of your organisation, across all levels of your organisation
  • Integrating outcomes to actions to ensure they are sustainable
  • Delivering programs that are customised to your organisational needs
  • Ensuring all levels of the organisations are focused on the same goals and are clear on the outcomes we are looking to achieve

Find out how you can integrate safety into your workplace culture

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