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Resilience Training

The mental health and wellness of your people should be at the heart of every team, project and organisation

Resilience training can assist with improving the resilience and mental health of your workplace.

At BRS we can assist your organisation address workplace stress, resilience and mental health mattersĀ for your people.

BRS understands the impact mental health and workplace stress can have on any organisation and project including:

  • Reduced morale and engagement of your staff
  • Increased workplace injuries
  • Increased workplace absenteeism
  • Reduced productivity and engagement
  • Financial impacts including loss of key personnel and retraining

BRS can assist with a range of services including:

  • Wellbeing analysis and gap identification
  • General resilience training
  • Development and delivery of interactive workshops:
    • Executive understanding the issues and potential solutions that they need to actively lead and role model
    • Management knowing how to identify potential workplace stress and mental health issues
    • advising and developing processs for staff on where to go for additional support
    • General information on staff supporting each other in the workplace

Understand how resilience training can improve the mental health of the people in your workplace

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