by Guest Blogger – Kim Tran

Well, I don’t mean physically kissing (although of course kissing has been proven to be good for your health and I’m all for that as well) but I mean the old adage, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

As consultants, we see many different types of organisations and their problems on a constant basis. In larger organisations, many problems can evolve from ingrained bureaucracies or business expansions which have created complications and complexities around the businesses’ operating model whether it be in the form of multiple organisational layers, policies and procedures, multiple step systems and processes, products, technology or other. These unnecessary complications can often result in poor business performance through slow or no growth, higher costs and poor returns leading to slimmer margins.

Many organisations as they grow become more and more complex and often get so caught up in growth that they forget about the potential inefficiencies that can come with business expansion and forget to keep their operations, products and structure as simple as possible. A truly efficient and growing organisation will remember to KISS through finding points where their products, services or operations fully meet their customer needs at the lowest possible costs, in other words, the point of greatest efficiency. In fact, Bain & Company research has shown that companies with the lowest complexities grow up to 50% faster than their average competition!

Making sure you KISS is extremely valuable as the process of doing so allows you to draw out and discover hidden costs and bottlenecks, whilst at the same time also finding out the areas of the organisation that add the most value or generate the greatest return. The most important thing to keep in mind however is not to over-simplify and remove valuable choices, but instead ensure that the focus is on optimising what can be offered to the customer.

If your organisation hasn’t KISSed in a while, perhaps it’s time to do so!