Over the past few years business coaches and mentors have become a lot more popular. They have gone from being a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘necessity’ as business owners and leaders recognise the importance of having a mentor/business coach to ensure they continue to grow and be the best they can be both professionally and personally.

There are typically two types of coaches you can engage. The first involves individual one on one sessions with your business coach, which is great if your business coach is dynamic and experienced in all areas of business and knows your industry intimately. The downside of this type of coach is that they are very hard to find and they can be expensive to engage on a long term basis. An alternative solution is to join a group coaching program, where you have access to content online and a network of support. Whilst you don’t get the regular individual one on one sessions tailored for you, if it is a quality coaching program with a great network you will still be able to achieve the same outcome. What you will find is that the other members are all experts in their own fields and industries, who are keen to share information and answer your questions based on their expertise and experience.

Regardless of which coaching option you select, world class coaching programs should give you access to the tools, knowledge and ideas that will allow you to develop and take your business to the next level.

My top 5 reasons why I believe everyone needs a business coach are as follows:

  1. Goal setting – an effective business coach will make you plan and set goals both for the long and short term, professionally and personally. If you don’t have a plan in place how do you know what you are working towards? Or how does your team know what the long term vision for your business is if you can’t summarise it into a 10 second elevator pitch?
  2. Accountability – having a plan in place is one thing, but having the ability to effectively execute your plan is another. You need a business coach who makes you accountable for achieving your goals and questioning you when you don’t. If you are part of a group program you may have an accountability buddy who you briefly catch up with each week, share ideas with and make sure that you are on track to reach your goals.
  3. Challenging – Anyone who wants to be successful thrives on a challenge. They love to be given the opportunity to prove that they can take an idea and turn it into something great. This is exactly what a great business coach should do. They should listen to you, stimulate your thinking and assist you in generating ideas that will create opportunities, provide solutions, extend yourself and make you think outside the box when evaluating new ideas.
  4. Tools, knowledge & a network – Everyone has great ideas, but you need to have access to key individuals with different areas of expertise. They can advise you and assist you in turning your ideas into reality. You are never going to survive on a global scale, adapt to change or build a sustainable business if you try to do everything yourself. Surround yourself with a network of people who believe in you and your business and are willing to be part of your journey.
  5. Motivation – a great business coach or coaching program should ignite the passion inside you to want to continue to strive to unleash new opportunities, take your career and/or business to the next level and inspire you to want to continue to learn and improve yourself. Without motivation and a positive mindset you will continue on the same path or journey of mediocrity. You need to find a coaching program that suits you and keeps you motivated to be the best you can be.

Personally, I am involved in a group coaching program and joining this program has been one of the best things I have ever done. It has not only given me access to a network of other individuals who excel at what they do, but it has given me the confidence to take so many of my ideas and put them into practice within our businesses. I have made some lifelong friends who keep me accountable, challenge my thoughts, keep me motivated and have also become great advocates for our businesses.

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