As mentioned previously on other easyconsult blogs we have written, I believe the most important asset a consultant can have is time.  Time is critical to enable your business to drive improved performance in the areas of innovation, systemisation, productivity and customer engagement.

I was speaking recently to a colleague who expressed to me very well how time is viewed by a rich versus a poor man and how these differences lead to different outcomes around success.   It got me thinking around how this concept applies to consulting business owners and what this means in practice in differentiating business success.  I thought I would look to draw this out as the focus of this blog.

The poor consulting business owner spends a significant amount of time developing up processes, doing things from scratch, getting every detail right and more importantly doing everything themself.   The reliance is on the business owner doing everything, everything is urgent and the poor business owner doesn’t pay someone else to assist or help even where external parties have significant expertise that could add enormous value to their business.   They save a penny to spend a pound in time so to speak.

The rich consulting business owner takes a different view to their time.  If someone can do it cheaper, better and it frees up their time, they will do it.   They will outsource, delegate, buy products and services that will enhance their business.  The key with this is tapping in to the knowledge, expertise and innovations that other people have developed and accessing them at the fraction of the cost that it would cost them to do themselves.

This not only makes business sense but truly enables them to focus more on the areas they have strengths in and can add more value, dollars and profit to their already successful consulting businesses.

I share this story as it explains the concept and the reason why we launched easyconsult.   For the first couple of years of running our own first business BRS, we tried to do everything ourselves.   It will be cheaper, less fuss and we just work more hours!  The mindset was wrong!  It all changed around eighteen months ago where we realised through systemising our business, outsourcing our finance, administration and other activities and playing to our strengths we could free up time!  This has unleashed amazing amounts of creativity that has enabled us to launch easyconsult and other businesses that are being developed in the pipeline.    What you see on this website is the product of this.

The offering of templates, videos and coaching around how to systemise your consulting business at a fraction of the time of what it took us is what easyconsult is about.  It is focussed on providing these insights to other consultants.  We hope you are able to capitalise on what we do well and assist your businesses to do the same thing.  View time as more important than doing everything and tap in to others knowledge and expertise to free up yours.