One of the questions as we approach the end of the year is where did it go?   The year has gone very quick and it is a great chance when we go on holidays to reflect on where you are at and why you do what you do?    It is an opportunity to slow down to speed up, refuel and reenergise our thinking in readiness for 2016.

One of the areas you may wish to reflect on is whether you are gaining satisfaction from what you are currently doing professionally and personally.  Satisfaction lies at the heart of personal and professional fulfillment and without it long term, it can lead to frustration and unhappiness.   To gain an understanding of where you are at with your level of satisfaction, there is a great opportunity over the break to journal and reflect on this.

Some of the questions you may wish to reflect on to assess where you are at and where you wish to be include the following:

  • Are you playing to your strengths in your work?
  • Are you utilisng your skills fully?
  • Are you continuing to learn and grow?
  • Are the people you are working with challenging and improving you every day?
  • Do you enjoy the people you work with?  Do you learn from them regularly?
  • Are you achieving outcomes and goals that are important to you?
  • Are you achieving a balance between work and others areas important in your life?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of what you are looking to achieve?
  • Are you clear on your why and purpose?
  • Are your values aligned to your organisations and colleagues values?
  • Are you empowered by your manager and organisation to deliver outcomes?
  • What is working?  What is not working?
  • What are your goals for 2016?
  • What do you need to plan for now to assist with setting yourself up for success in 2016?

I am not suggesting that you need to answer all these questions.  Pick the ones that resonate with you and take some time to see where your satisfaction is.  Based on your answers to these questions, it will shape your thinking, decisions and priorities for 2016.  It may require changes and a shift on priorities but if it leads you closer to satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfillment in 2016, it will be worth it.