I’ve just spent a couple of days at a conference where I intended to learn a few new ideas and tips to take away and implement within our consulting businesses. Whilst there have been some great speakers, with some enviable careers and a wealth of knowledge and experience, the thought that has stuck with me the most is the way many of these speakers ended their sessions with what I would call a very manipulative approach to sales.

I understand that for someone to become successful they have to be able to sell something well, but the way these speakers engage with the audience and coerce them into spending thousands of dollars within the space of a few minutes really does not resonate well with me.

As our new business is selling products online, (which is a very different model to what we are familiar with) I have been spending a lot of time researching how you build your sales funnel and convert sales. So I have learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t. But after seeing the way these speakers go about convincing people that they will succeed and earn well above their current income capacity by getting them to commit to programs costing thousands, right here and now just doesn’t seem right. Even if the statistics show that your conversion rate of sales in much higher if the potential purchaser can see that they have to make a quick decision.

I personally would never sign up for one of these on the spot because I’m someone who needs to take a little time to process the information, go away and do my own research and decide if it is right for me. Aside from this I also have the logistical side of whether or not I can commit to the times of the program they are trying to sell! But what happened to the relationship side of sales and the trust that if you have a great product to sell that people will grow to see the value in this over time?

Maybe I’ve just become more aware of this because of my new knowledge, maybe this approach isn’t new but the speakers have just implemented more techniques to achieve this.

Either way, I personally don’t see how this approach can be sustainable. If you have a great product and it is worth the value you place on it, then with the right marketing and sales approach and strategy I would like to think you can still achieve the same result. I know I would sleep a lot better at night knowing that I had earned my sales this way, rather than manipulating people into rash decisions and payments with the hope that this will be a quick fix answer to provide them with financial freedom.