I recently joined back into BRS after 3 years working in industry. One thing I have noticed in consulting is the step change in pace.  It’s why I enjoy consulting so much as every day is a new challenge. However it has reminded me of the importance of good habits.  When you are working at fast pace on multiple projects at once, your planning, time management, and delegation become even more critical. These habits help you get things done, but also plan time to be productive and concentrate.  This clear thinking time is critical to focus on your work, be in the moment and be effective rather than reactive. They also allow you to plan for unplanned events so that you have the capacity to be responsive and seize the opportunity (planned responsiveness).

It also highlights the importance of not getting distracted by things which don’t form part of the long-term plan. Sometimes when we are quiet we take on opportunities that don’t get us where we need to be, and when an opportunity arises we are not in a position to respond.  Keeping the cup empty is important so you can fill it with things that make a difference.