Dwight HowardConsider the scenario for employees for many years in organisations.   They went to work and got paid for a fair days work.  They often stayed in organisations and jobs for security reasons.  Stable pay, solid employment prospects, sometimes government organisations because of the security if offered.  It may not have been the sexiest, challenging or stimulating job or career but it paid well and kept them safe.

Security driven thinking has been popular in that it addressed the fears they might have had around challenging themselves, taking a risk, delivering outcomes and work that really made a difference.  In a lot of ways, this was the norm for a long time in industries that have stayed the same, organisations that had guaranteed revenue, or government agencies that offered permanent tenure ie a job for life.

What has happened in the last ten years is a rapid transformation of many industries, countries and organisations due to globalisation, significant advancements in technology and the progression of developing countries.  It has forced many changes across all levels of society including the way jobs are viewed which will continue to progress at a rapid rate over the next five to ten years.

My strong belief is that jobs in the near future will have no permanent tenure. Similar to AFL, NFL, soccer and other sports like more recently cricket with the IPL and other competitions, employees will be like free agents.  They will reserve the right to test their worth outside their organisation.   Loyalty for an organisation or an employee to an organisation will be a thing of the past.  Employees will be on the market available to deliver outcomes, working with more than one employer and really challenged to deliver value.  If they can’t, they will struggle to survive, remain relevant, valuable and adapt to the rapid changes that are occurring.

Those that thrive will be open to change, focus on upskilling but more importantly will have a mindset of being adaptable, flexible and coachable.  All attributes of a great free agent in all sports that will shortly extend to our work.