You are not lucky or even unfortunate to be in the consulting business. You are there because you can make a difference and you have a passion to provide something unique to your customers, key markets and industries.

Every day you have the opportunity to take this knowledge, expertise and intellectual property and turn this in to something that will pay you dividends in the future. However, most individuals spend time being busy rather than being productive. This means that the services that they provide to clients are not then capitalised in to something that will turn in to an investment.

The key question to ask yourself is with the additional time you can free up by being focussed on the business and automating your systems and processes, is it worth it? Are you focussed on the right things?  What will add value in the medium and long term and does not require enormous effort to do so?  What information or systems can you document to make your job easier in the future thereby freeing up this valuable time?

Investing no energy in these areas for a week or a month won’t terminally damage your consulting business at this point in time. However, like most things that are undertaken at high performance, small daily acts over time in the right areas lead to staggering results. Spending years not being focussed on activities that add value, driving automation in your business or not freeing up time to play at your best is kidding yourself that you will be successful.  The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result.

You are better than that. Invest in yourself and your consulting business and buy yourself time that you will cherish more than you appreciate at this point in time. Watch yourself get your spark back for going into business in the first place by being able to do the things you love.