There is a lot of judgment that takes place around situations, events and others.  It tends to be easier to theorise or judge rather than immerse yourself in the game in the fear of getting hurt, criticized or judge.

The impact of this is significant.  It wears you down.  It is hard on the heart.  It closes down conversation and engagement rather than opening up dialogue through positive encouragement, focusing on listening, questioning and learning.  It stands to reason that it is logical to focus on the upside but why it is so hard for some?

I suspect that the critiquing comes from fear. Fear of failure.  Fear of not being liked.  Fear of not measuring up to others expectations.  Fear of not being significant.  Fear of putting yourself out there.  Other fears that focus on external validation rather than a focus on being happy within yourself, learning and growing and enjoying the journey.

So how do you shift this in someone and yourself?  What do you focus on in making this shift? I think it comes down to letting go of the fears, running towards them and really looking at what gives you satisfaction.  It also means that you need to really hone in on what you want rather than what you judge or critique others.  Be in the game rather than watch it.  Make some mistakes and learn and grow from them.  Challenge yourself to embrace change, diversity and opportunities rather than staying the tried and tested path.

The critiquing comes easier naturally but for me is damaging to yourself and others.  Not fun to be around and I am sure it is not fun for the person.  Shift from the sideline and in to the game and watch your satisfaction and enjoyment for life improve.