Holding off on what we truly want to do.  Only thinking about doing something when all the cards or stars align.  This is the mindset of a security driven thinker.  The fear of it not being perfect.  We can only do something when everyone is happy.   We don’t want to rush something because it may not hit the mark.

This was very much my thinking in my previous corporate life.  Looking to align everyone before a decision was made.  Ensuring I had all the facts before we got something off the ground.  It was thinking dominated by if something went wrong, fears driven by the ‘what if’ possibilities that caused worry, stress, self imposed pressure and expectation.

Looking back on it now, this thinking is self defeating.  Worry is interest on money due.  So is fear driven thinking.  Worrying about what others think is similar.  It takes you away from your ultimate objective in life to focus on being the best you can be for those that you love, your passions that you love and to have a positive impact in the areas you care about.   It also saps your energy and time which are your two most important resources as a consultant, leader and person.

If you reflect on this, how much of your thinking is driven by fears both actual and perceived?  What could you do with this time and energy if you focussed it on your dreams, passions, people you care about and areas you have strengths in that could benefit others?  These are the areas that dreams are built around.  Possibilities, opportunities, positive impact, like minded people who are committed to similar causes.

A powerful item to think about.  Reflect on this as you go about your business for the next week.  Catch that self defeating thinking and replace it with positive thinking orientated around your legacy.   Not only will it lead to a more positive mindset, you will be a different person to be around.  Dreams can be a reality.  It all comes down to how you think about it!