Special guest blogger – Darron Monaghan, Fletcher Construction

Major leaps in performance ability are like Unicorns, rare if not fictitious beasts. Improvements come in small increments almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Like watching your children grow, you will not notice it happening but to the occasional work colleague or industry peer it will be like the annual visit of the aunties and uncles. To them, if you have remained true to your focus of daily improvement, the change will be profound.

For you, the traveller, the journey may seem to be tedious and hard work (remember things worth having often are), but if you remember to reflect back on the start of your journey, not just to yesterday, even you should be able to see the startling change. However, if you decide to spend your time looking for the quick fixes, shortcuts and silver bullets you may as well look for your unicorn net whilst you’re at it.

So today’s the day to turn your unicorn into a horse with a silly hat by taking that first step and asking yourself:

  1. What do I want to be better at?
  2. How can I/have I practiced today?
  3. What did I learn from it?

If you can answer these questions everyday then in what will seem no time at all (to your aunties and uncles) you will have grown beyond all recognition.

Darren Monaghan is  a Project Manager for Fletcher Construction, and is currently working on the Well-Connected Alliance as the Sub-Alliance Manager for the Systems Delivery. Born in Wales and having competed as an international level for Wales in Swimming, he credits this as to where he got his drive for high performance from originally.  He moved to New Zealand in 2005 with his wife and has 2 young children. His passion is developing people and teams to deliver high performance and believes that if you have to spend a third of your life at work you should enjoy it and be proud of what you achieve.