When I first started work, the things I would value in others I worked with was focussed around their technical skills, their positive attitude as well as how they got on with others.   As I progressed through my career in the corporate sector, I came to also appreciate other areas of effective workers such as leadership, the ability to deliver outcomes as well as strategic thinking.

Since I started my own business, there have been a number of big shifts in what I perceive as valuable assets in employees as fellow colleagues and clients.   My list now includes proactiveness, passion, a solutions mindset as well as the ability to learn, grow and improve.    These are all important for business owners as you very much appreciate that people that are coming along the journey with you which is not only humbling but enjoyable with the right people.  I cannot be more thankful enough for this from our great team.

This last point brings me to the last attribute that I have learnt to appreciate from others including partners, friends, employees and clients.  That is, the importance of commitment and being truly all in when you make the decision to do so.    It is perhaps the greatest gift that someone can bring to the party and one that took me a long time to grasp and appreciate.  My previous lack of commitment and staying the journey must have been within me from a very young age as I recall my mother saying to me that my biggest challenge in life was always thinking the grass was greener!  How true she was!

In my first job, I had a great boss and team I worked with at a state government department.  I left them for the “grass that was greener” for another role and ended up coming back.  I then went to work for a council only to then accept a wrong role at a private sector organisation to then move to another council within three months.  From here, I stayed in the private sector until I made the decision to start my own business.  I regret chopping and changing when I did this for the wrong reasons.   I let people down who nurtured me and were nothing but positive to me.

My point is that I have had commitment issues with work and to a lesser extent my personal life up until the last couple of years.   This lack of commitment is one of my few regrets over my career and life.  It was driven by thinking the grass was greener, the job was not perfect or worse a need to chase more money or opportunities that were perhaps were where I was already residing or working!  The diamonds or opportunities so to speak were literally under my feet!

Now when I see similar commitment issues and traits in others, I find it very challenging.  I suspect that like me in the past, they thought they were doing the right thing.  In reality, they are stuffing people around because they don’t commit either way to something.  That is, say no or say yes but then truly commit.  Umming and ahhing a hundred times is not helping anyone as you cannot plan around it or them with any confidence.  It is the classic analogy that constructors use in their industry that a yes or a no is better than a maybe because they can plan for the yes or no scenario but not the maybe one!

I very much respect this quality of commitment in others and now myself which I continue to work very hard on.  It is something I really value not only because it means I am focussed and doing the right things,  but it means I get to appreciate the whole journey, the ups and the downs, the challenges and the successes because I stayed the journey.   It is the quality that separates the average employees, partners, clients and friends from the truly valuable ones.