by Guest Blogger – Michelle Tran

“A salami in its original state, before it has been cut, is unwieldy and looks unappetizing. But cut it into thin slices and it takes on quite a different aspect. Now you have something manageable, something you can “get your teeth into.” from Edwin Bliss’s book Getting Things Done

The above story demonstrates perfectly what time management is all about. All too often we get overwhelmed just by looking at the task list, not knowing where to start. This is where the fear of Mondays stems from, when we face the task list for the upcoming week. Without planning the steps needed to get your tasks done, it can become very stressful. Time management turns out to be one of the most important skills that affect not only your work but also your personal life if you can’t handle it.

When you realise you are undertaking a major task, the first thing to do is not start doing it immediately for fear of missing the deadline, but just sit down and divide it into smaller tasks, like salami slices. Slice it to as many small tasks as possible. Provided you do all the small steps, you will get the major task done easily.

The first “salami slice”, the very first instant task to start conquering a task is always to list down the small steps involved in getting the job done.

We always enjoy the thin salami slices rather than the thick ones, don’t we? The next time you want to procrastinate just because the task too big, it is wiser to divide it and do smaller subtasks. As a result, you can balance your energy because you can start doing a big task due next week straight away instead of leaving it to the last days. Apply the salami technique into your work and you will notice the change, starting to have more time and more freedom in your life.